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Welcome to NCQC 2019

The President and the members of the Executive Board of QUALITY CIRCLE FORUM OF INDIA is pleased to invite you to the 33rd National Convention on Quality Concepts (NCQC 2019), being organized in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi from 26th to 30th December 2019.


IIT(BHU), Varanasi
Uttar Pradesh, India


Thursday to Monday
December 26 to 30, 2019

About NCQC 2019

Drawing thousands of the India's Quality Champions together to learn and brainstorm.

The Mega convention on Quality Concepts is being held from 26th Dec to 30th Dec, 2019, focuses on showcasing & learning Quality Concepts through various events and programs in the course of these three days of lectures, presentations, quiz, knowledge test, etc.

QCFI Journey

Drawing thousands of the India's Quality Champions together to learn and brainstorm.

QUALITY CIRCLE FORUM OF INDIA has been playing a significant role in Skill Development of people
through education, training, propagation, demonstration and assistance for implementation of Quality Concepts in manufacturing & maintenance industries, service sector, education, health, rural areas, society etc., for about 4 decades in the national arena with the active support of 33 chapters, sub-chapters and centers situated at all over India.

Hurry Up!

Last year slots filled up fast so don’t miss. Convention will start in

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Conference Schedule

  • Day 1

    December 26th, 2019

  • Day 2

    December 27th, 2019

  • Day 3

    December 28th, 2019

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    Presentation Halls (Check Layout at the Venue)

  • Day 4

    December 29th, 2019

NCQC Gallery

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NCQC 2019 Venue

IIT (BHU) Varanasi

Varanasi is the cultural capital of India and the melting pot of Indian civilization.

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